WordPress For Beginners

A website is a powerful tool for accomplishing many online goals. We designed this course for a person with little or no experience/knowledge of website design and maintenance.

A typical website needs to have text, images, and navigational elements that move the viewer from one page to another. WordPress is a free, open-source content management system (program) that manages your content using a database. It then presents your content database to various browsers on the internet. WordPress presents a user-friendly way of managing this database.

We will walk you through the steps to create your website using WordPress.

Why Is This Course Important For You?

You’ve been interested in the internet for a while now and you have some ideas about how you would like to take part. You like the idea of progressing in your career or beginning something brand new by exploring the opportunities the internet offers. The options are endless!!!! And you would rather have control over the content rather than looking for and paying someone else to make ongoing additions or changes so that your site reflects what you want.

Course Objectives

  1. To define:
    1. Why is a website wanted?
    2. What will the website be for (purpose)?
    3. Why will a visitor want to visit your site?
    4. Who will the site be directed toward?
    5. What the niche will be?
    6. What will be shared?
    7. The budget available (time & dollar)
  2. To visualize the finished product and process to set the big picture;
  3. To learn how to put the planning process into place;
  4. To determine what type of website is required – (business, blog, eCommerce, portfolio, event site, forum, personal profile, membership);
  5. To learn how and where websites work;
  6. To decide on the type of hosting service required;
  7. To learn how to title the website and purchase a URL;
  8. To learn how to acquire the WordPress software;
  9. To learn about website themes and choosing one;
  10. To learn how to design the website layout & setting up the backend structure;
  11. To discover the plugin tools needed for the website;
  12. To learn how to manage images;
  13. To learn how to manage content;
  14. To learn how to embed videos, forms, and docs;
  15. To learn how to set up a staging area and conduct pre-publish testing;
  16. To learn how to back up the site for safety going forward;

Course Designers

Vivekananda Rao (known as Vivek) is a software developer who believes in keeping things simple. Since 1985 he has been in the software industry. Currently, he runs Wake Technology Pvt. Ltd. He maintains its website and his YouTube Channel for the company himself.

LowellAnn Fuglsang is a retired business and career coach who worked with clients online through Zoom. She facilitated the online Being Your Own CEO Success Circle for solopreneurs on a weekly basis for roughly seven years. You can view recordings of these sessions on YouTube.   Having created three websites of her own, she also creates simple websites for solopreneurs and small businesses.  Her most recent site is Arctic Carvings For Lovers of Canadian Northern Art.

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A Great Learning Experience!!

Cost of the Course is purposely kept affordable for those who are just starting out.

The Course Price: $90.00 USD.

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Instructional Methods and Materials

  1. Text
  2. Screenshots
  3. Video Presentation
  4. Google Docs
  5. Google Forms
  6. Google Sheets


This is a self-paced course.  You will complete one module before you receive the next module’s content.  There are twelve modules and it could take up to a week or more to complete each module – depending on your focus and time available.

  • At the end of each module, there are questions you must answer in the Form provided.
  • Submission of your answers will trigger an email that provides a link to the next module.  
  • Every module will give you an opportunity to ask questions and to provide feedback to us. 
  • We will answer your questions promptly via email or in a short Zoom/Meet conversation if you prefer

Module Topics

  • Module 1 – Overview
  • Module 2 – Planning
  • Module 3 – Hosting Service
  • Module 4 – Choosing A Theme, Plugins, Tools
  • Module 5 – Backend Structure
  • Module 6 – Image Selection
  • Module 7 – Image Management
  • Module 8 – Creating and Managing Pages
  • Module 9 – Creating and Managing Posts
  • Module 10 – Embedding
  • Module 11 – Publishing The Site
  • Module 12 – Site Backup and Maintenance

Course Outline

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A Great Learning Experience!!

Cost of the Course is purposely kept affordable for those who are just starting out.

The Course Price: $90.00 USD.

Click this button to purchase using PayPal
(To use a credit card, you do not need a PayPal Account)

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