Using A Google Form As a Contact Us On A Website

New website owners must have a Contact Us Page.  Here we will show that using a Google Form as a Contact Us on a website is easy, economical and well worth the effort involved.  

Solopreneurs know how important it is to connect with our visitors in a personal way which encourages them to come back to the website again.  We will demonstrate how to set that connection so that the visitor leaving a message receives an engaging response AND the website owner receives a copy of the visitor’s message so that further engagement is facilitated.

Pause here and watch the video instructions.

Steps To Follow

Please note that instructions are provided in detail here in case you are new to Google products.  We also recommend using the Google Chrome browser to ensure that all items work together well.

Create The Form

  1. On the address bar, key in or go go to the Google menu in the upper right corner to find Google Drive and Click the New button.  You may need to look under More to discover Forms -> Blank Form.
  2. Give the Form a title (example:  Website Contact Us Form) (On the upper left side)
  3. Enter the items that you want visitors to answer:  Email address, Full Name,  Phone #, Text field that lets them put in their message to you.
  4. Check Settings (gear wheel) and select collect emails and untick Restrictions (If you are a Google Workspace user)
  5. Customize the look by adding colours and a banner if you wish.  You can preview how it looks.
  6. Click the Send button in order to access the embed code.  Be sure to save that where you can find it for later.
  7. You may want to organize items that pertain to your website into a specific folder – according to your style of organizing.

Get the MeghaDoot Blueprint

  1. This link will take you to a copy of the MeghaDoot Spreadsheet.  Copy/Paste the link below into a new browser tab and enter,  you will then be asked to make a copy.  Be sure to rename and move it to the appropriate location in your Google Drive.   Here is the link to the MeghaDoot spreadsheet that contains all the needed coding:
  2. As you copy it, name it “MeghaDoot For Contact Us”   Make sure this file is saved to your website folder in Google Drive.  

Link The Form and MeghaDoot

  1. In your Contact Form, go Responses tab, click  green+spreadsheet
  2. Choose the Existing Spreadsheet selection – -> Select
  3. Look for  your MeghaDoot For Contact Us, highlight it and click Select
  4. You will notice that MeghaDoot will open showing a new sheet tab at the bottom.

Authorize And Configure MeghaDoot 

  1. On the menu bar, choose and click MeghaDoot Menu;
  2. Select any one of the four and click;
  3. Google will prompt you to authorize this script.  Go through all the Google warnings and click Authorize.  Be sure to refresh your browser at this point.
  4. Go back to the menu above and select Show Sidebar and notice the appearance of the buttons on the right.
  5. Now click the teal-coloured button Configure MeghaDoot.
  6. A new window Configure MeghaDoot will open.  You fill in your domain address and email.  You can change the wording of the messages (now or later) or stay with the suggested wording.- Your choice. Refresh your browser again here.

Add The Contact Page To Your Website

  1. Open a new page on your website and title the page Contact Me (Us)
  2. Add your invitation text.  And add the other ways they can contact you (phone, snail mail, etc.)
  3. Open your Website Contact Us Form and find the Send button. 
  4. Choose the Embed code and copy it.
  5. On the webpage, look for the custom HTML option and paste the embed code there. Save.

Activate MeghaDoot and Test

  1. Go back to MeghaDoot, refresh the browser tab.
  2. Click on the green ‘Set MeghaDoot On’ button. Wait for the MeghaDoot Status on the left to show that it is On.
  3. Now as a test,  go to the front end of your website and complete the form as if you are a visitor using an address that you did not use in the set-up above. 
  4. Review the messages you got to ensure you are happy with the content.  If not, go back and adjust your message under the Configure MeghaDoot button.

We hope that you found this an easy process such that you may want to use it on all of your future websites.

The Terms of Use will guide users of this mini-course.

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