How to Embed Google Docs, Sheets, Forms and Slides

Embed Google Products

How To Embed Google Docs, Sheets, Forms And Slides There are a few good reasons that we want to discover How To Embed Google Docs, Sheets, Forms And Slides. It’s more efficient to use products that we are accustomed to using, don’t you think? Here are some additional reasons that we can think of, and …

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Gmail Labels and Filters

Conversation about Labels and Filters

Gmail Labels And Filters Did you ever wish you could find important things easier in your email inbox by maintaining and organizing it in a suitable way? In this tutorial you will learn how to create Gmail Labels and Filters to automatically organize your inbox. You can follow the steps illustrated by the images below; …

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Does Technology Scare You?


Does Technology Scare You? In this pandemic time, many people find they really need to be online for personal and/or business reasons yet they feel very reluctant.  It makes me ask “does technology scare you?”  In this post, I will suggest some approaches if your answer to that question was “Yes”. Don’t Ignore Problems They …

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Create A Simple ‘Contact Us’ Page On Your Website

Create Contact Us

Create A Simple ‘Contact Us’ Page On Your Website New website owners must have a Contact Us Page.  Here we will show you how to create a simple ‘contact us’ page on your website.  Our method is easy, economical and well worth the effort involved.  No need for expensive plugins or subscriptions. Solopreneurs know how …

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