Conversation about Labels and Filters

Gmail Labels And Filters

Did you ever wish you could find important things easier in your email inbox by maintaining and organizing it in a suitable way?

In this tutorial you will learn how to create Gmail Labels and Filters to automatically organize your inbox.

You can follow the steps illustrated by the images below; and you can watch a video that will walk you through the process on my website here: YouTube video: Gmail – Labels and Filters.

The following images are actually annotated screenshots from that video.

Create and Customize Label

  • Login to your Gmail account, and go to Gmail settings by clicking on the gear wheel icon towards the top right corner and then select ‘See all settings’.
Get to settings, click the gear wheel icon
Get to settings, click the gear wheel icon
  • Then click on the ‘See all settings’ as shown in the next picture.
  • Then click on the ‘Create new label’ button as shown in the screen shot below.
Click the button to Create new Label
  • It pops up this window where you give the label a name and click on the ‘Create’ button.
Type in a Name for Label and create Label by clicking the 'Create' button
  • Customize the look of the Label as shown in the next picture. First get to the Customization Menu by clicking on the three dots menu.
  • Then click the arrow icon and then select a colour for the Label as shown in the next picture.

Filter Creation, Label Assignment

  • To create a Filter start off by going back into settings and then clicking on the ‘Filters and blocked addresses’ as shown in the next picture.
  • Then this window shows up fill in your filter parameters. These are the search criteria the filter should use to catch incoming emails. Once you have filled in the parameters you click on the ‘Create filter’ button as shown. But there are a couple more steps to be followed.
  • Now you need to decide what action should be taken when a message is an exact match for your search criteria. You select the necessary check boxes as shown in the following picture.
  • As an example the following image shows that the filter would ‘Star’, Apply the label: “FromGoogle”. The filter can be applied to emails that are already in the inbox as shown in the example – the filter has found 25 matching email conversation. After you decide on the actions to be taken you click the blue ‘Create filter’ button and the filter gets created.

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