Does Technology Scare You?

In this pandemic time, many people find they really need to be online for personal and/or business reasons yet they feel very reluctant.  It makes me ask “does technology scare you?”  In this post, I will suggest some approaches if your answer to that question was “Yes”.

Don’t Ignore Problems

They won’t go away, and they just might get worse.  So take action!

Record What Happened

It will help you organize your thoughts if you write down what happened leading up to the problem and what it looks like now.

Don’t Blame Yourself or The Technology

Be sure to keep your cool.  When you let the frustration get to you, things will only get worse.  Slow down! Breathe!  Things often happen when I am trying to accomplish something in a hurry.  Is that true for you?

Ask For Help

A Coach and Her Client

In your circle of friends and colleagues, you can surely find someone more knowledgeable than you.  Don’t be afraid to ask for their help.  That person does not need to be an official techie. Many people truly enjoy helping others with their technology.  I have helped many people gain some comfort with Zoom when they were starting out.

Adopt A Problem-Solving Mindset

This is always the best approach, especially while seeking other’s help.  As a helper, I will be more inclined to see the problem to the solution when the conversation is congenial and there are lots of questions and listening happening.  Try writing out the steps we took, that way you can always refer to them in the future.  This is a technique that worked really well for me in the early days.

Mistakes Lead To Learning

Know that you can learn and feel more at ease when you take on problems and mistakes one small bite at a time.  You can’t take it all on at once.  Before you know it, your confidence will begin to build.

In the comments below, let us know what you find most challenging.  I just might be able to provide some help.

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