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Create A Simple ‘Contact Us’ Page On Your Website

New website owners must have a Contact Us Page.  Here we will show you how to create a simple ‘contact us’ page on your website.  Our method is easy, economical and well worth the effort involved.  No need for expensive plugins or subscriptions.

Solopreneurs know how important it is to connect with their visitors in a personal way so that they are encouraged to come back to the website again.  We share how to set up a basic connection so that the visitor can leave a message AND the website owner receives a copy of the visitor’s message via email.

Since our plan is to take you on a journey from the very basic to the most sophisticated, we also share access to a free tool that facilitates some customization that allows the website owner the opportunity to promote their products/services and the visitor receives a personalized email message.

The Basic Process Is Very Easy

  1. In Google, create a Form using the questions you would want your visitor to answer;
  2. Get access to the Google Spreadsheet that is behind the Google Form
  3. Copy the Form – Embed Code;
  4. Open a new WordPress Page and title it Contact Us;
  5. In Block Editor, Add Custom HTML and paste the Embed Code you copied earlier (from step 3);
  6. Publish!

Voilà you have your Contact Us Page!

The above process creates a very basic Form where the responses both you and your visitor receive are very basic.  But we have created a free Spreadsheet Blueprint called MeghaDoot so that you can customize and manage your messages easily.

Let’s get a bit fancy, shall we?

To get a bit more fancy with the results you get by using the above method, we need to put in some sophistication. For that, we provide you with detailed instructions (both video and text) plus access to our MeghaDoot Spreadsheet Blueprint. To access this, click the button below.

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